What is the VAPER-ARC Reactor Mark 7

The VAPER-ARC Reactor is an ALCIP Solid State Electron Fusion Electricity Generator.

VAPER-ARC: Vibrational Acoustic PiezoElectric Resonator Acoustic Refrigeration Core

ALCIP: Acoustically Lensed Cold Ionized Plasma

Using a revolutionary new Phase-Shifted Active Acoustic Mirror system of Non-Linear Resonators we can take a 530 watt input and passively amplify the Reactor’s internal Sound Pressure Level (SPL) to 186dB or 4.345MW per square meter. That is a million times louder than an Atlas5 Rocket Launch.

The inert gas inside the reactor forms a Cold Ionized Plasma because of the Nuclear Fusion intense Energy Density. The gas is so energetic that it surpasses its first ionization energy level causing spontaneous emission of photons. Low Frequency (100s of Hz), Medium Frequency (1+ kHZ), and High Frequencies (1+ MHz) Phonons (Quantum of Sound, Boson) and Infrared to Ultraviolet Photons (THz) (Quantum of Light, Bosons) propagate that stimulate the Solid State Electron (Fermion) Fusion in High Discharge PiezoElectric Chips (HDPEC – kiloVolt per discharge) capable of generating Lightning In A Bottle.

The PiezoElectric Resonator is a Mono-crystalline 160kV discharge slab of iii-v Semi-Conductor mounted to a harness that incorporates wave-guides that trigger several Principle Resonant Frequencies and Targeted Harmonics creating: the Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) frequency in MHz, the Depth Resonance in MHz, a Hybrid Resonance with Control over Frequency Modulation of the Acoustic Carrier Wave in kHz and the period of revolution in Hz through kHz and therefore the addition of planar lazing for Directional Boson stimulation and Directed Fermion (Electron) emission. All of these phenomena are known in solid state physics and used in solid state power amplifiers, lasers and telecommunications equipment.

These regular and potentially complex spherical waveforms in the oscillating gas, i.e. the Cold Ionized Plasma will revolve around a central axis and necessarily generate a knowable and dynamic Electromagnetic Field. Further Electricity generation works by wrapping the Reactor with a Cladding made of multiple targeted Electromagnetic Induction Coils that Harmonically Resonate with the Principle Resonant Frequencies in a specific place in the Reactor Core. Thus harvesting the most amount of energy possible from the system.

These High Frequency High Voltage Fermion (Electron) Emissions being drawn by a load across the system attached to Multiple Multi-Phase Coupled Inductors which modify the Phase , Frequency, and Strength of the Electrical Signal that is then stepped down through 100MW Transformers to supply the National Electric Grid, Infrastructure, and Industry with Clean Green Electric Power.

In short the VAPER-ARC Reactor generates an Acoustically Lensed Cold Ionized Plasma that stimulates Solid State Cold Fusion inside of High Discharge PiezoElectric Chips fusing the Three Fermion Quasi-Particles that comprise an Electron into an Electron Millions of Times Per Second and each Electron released from Every Metal-Nitride Bond adds up to 100 Megawatts of Electricity without Fuel.